Tobias is a visionary and a pattern breaker. He has been working in communication and personal development for twenty years, interlinking one with the other - and redefining both.


Tobias is a creative, courageous, and visionary expert in the design of transformation processes and change communication. He searches, finds, and triggers an organization's resonance frequency.


Being a cultural rebel, and someone who knows how to get things done, Tobias is a nationally and internationally renown keynote speaker, moderator, and expert at corporate events, conferences, and conventions.


As "Head of Leadership 2020" at Daimler AG, he was responsible for planning, controlling, and implementing one of the most significant change initiatives in the German economy. Establishing an innovative business model for culture and leadership in a large corporation requires a lot of courage, co-creation and a new way of leadership.


That's why he and his team of 40 broke patterns right from the start. Based on an agile project structure with more than 200 employees, Tobias has activated an international network of more than 7000 internal ambassadors. His "viral change" approach revolutionized classic change approaches - not least by developing a bold brand and communication strategy.

In 2018 Leadership 2020 received the HR Excellence Award for "Best Change Management".


After almost ten years with Daimler AG, Tobias has decided to take on a new challenge. With THE BEAUTIFUL UGLY TRUTH Consulting he founded his own startup, a boutique consulting firm focusing on strategy, structure, and communication for transformation. Working with executive boards, management, and executives, he develops livable working environments in which people and organizations can develop their full potential.


The 39-year-old Swabian has a Master's degree in educational science, psychology, and politics. As a radio and event presenter Tobias has many years of stage experience. He is a qualified business and team coach who mainly lives in Stuttgart. As a patchwork dad, he enjoys every second with his family. He likes to travel and is an enthusiastic skier.


What really counts in life for Tobias.

Big 5 For Live




to let others grow beside 


Create value,

gain value, 

donate and appreciate.

Be fit and active 

mentally and physically.

Spend time with family and things

that are fun.